St Peter's Syro Malankara


Catechism – Sunday School

    Faith formation is one of the most important parts of our children’s spiritual life.  It guides them to live their best lives in Christ, teaching them ethics, morality, self-sacrifice, empathy, and compassion. Our Malankara Catechism classes provide basic training to create an excellent framework in the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, in the spiritual and liturgical traditions of the Malankara Church, in the Sacred Scriptures and Church history. We work directly with our student’s parents, their primary educators, to ensure that each student receives superlative instruction in their Catholic faith.  

We service students from Pre-K through 12th grade.  Our team consists of 60 students, 12 teachers, three teacher’s assistants, two substitute teachers, principal and the Vicar.  All teachers, the principal and our Vicar have completed the most current VIRTUS training.  Upon arriving for Catechism classes, the students are greeted by their teachers while entering the building. Classes begin promptly at 8:30 am and continue until the bell is rung at 9:25 am.  During class, teachers utilize textbooks, PowerPoints, Holy Scripture, and personal experiences to educate children.  Common session is held at 9:30 am and announcements are made during that time.  Sunday School for that day is concluded at 10 am after praise and worship led by teachers.  

Sunday School activities include religious studies, retreats, personal and communal prayer, adoration, and opportunities to engage in community service.  Every grade is given the opportunity to participate in choir during Sunday English service, and they attend choir practice prior to the service.  We rotate the grades week to week, so all students are able to participate.  Old Testament Bible readings are delivered by students to the entire congregation before Holy Mass. We have created these activities and this curriculum to encourage and cultivate every student’s faith and personal relationship with God. We actively participate in Eparchy level exams, competitions, retreats and other celebrations.